The Fantastic Flower Guide

Flowers come in many different varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors. They are used for many things, such as for food, adornments, decorations, gifts, and more. Culturally, flowers are often given as signs of love and affection.

Every type of flowering plant is unique and has its own needs and requirements in order for it to live and grow as it was made to do. By understanding the specific care needed for a particular individual plant, gardeners can increase their chances of successfully growing the flowering plants of their choice.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies Stock Photos and Images: Beautiful and elegant photos of calla lilies.

Calla Lilies Pictures: Gorgeous collection of calla lily pictures.

Calla Lily: Basic information and interesting facts about calla lilies.

Calla Lily Planting Guide: Information about how and when to plant callas.


Daisy Flower Photos: Pictures of the many varieties of daisies.

Daisy Flower Pictures: Colorful and stunning photos of daisies.

The Daisy is April's Birth Flower: Brief info on the Daisy flower.

Daisy: Information on types of daisies available, uses, and their care and growth.

Daisy Clipart: Clipart illustrations and graphics of daisy flowers.


Pictures of Hyacinth: Beautiful photos of wild hyacinths.

Pink Hyacinth Picture: A stunning photo of a pink hyacinth.

Hyacinth: Description, use, and care information for hyacinth plants.

Water Hyacinth: Description of this plant along with information on its habitat, growth and development, and more.

Purple Hyacinth Clipart: A clipart picture of a purple hyacinth flower.


Hydrangea Pictures: A magnificent collection of hydrangea photos.

Hydrangea Picture Gallery: Photos of several varieties of hydrangea plants.

Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas!: A site about the different species of hydrangeas available and their care.

Hydrangea Questions and Answers: Highly informative article about hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Clipart: A clipart picture of a hydrangea flower.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley Stock Photos and Images: Gorgeous pictures of lily of the valley.

Lily of the Valley: A stunning photo of this flower along with a brief description of the plant.

Flower Clipart: Clipart of several plants, including lily of the valley and calla lilies.

Lily of the Valley: Some general information about this plant.

Lily of the Valley: A page with a description of this plant and information about its range and habitat.

Lily of the Valley: Page with information about the appearance and growing conditions of these plants.


Orchid Photo Library: A collection of orchid photos along with some other flowers.

Orchid Species Photographs: Photo collection of the different varieties of orchids.

Orchid Care Tips and FAQ: A site with lots of information on orchid identification, care, and tips.

What is an Orchid?: Information describing what orchids are and some of their care requirements.

Wedding Orchid Clipart: Some beautiful clipart pictures of orchids.


Peony Pictures: A very nice collection of different types of peonies.

Peony Picture Gallery: Site with lots of different pictures of peonies.

Peony Planting & Care: Information on different aspects of peony care.

Peony Flower Information: This site provides general information about peonies, such as where to plant them, their watering needs, and much more.


Rose Photo Collection: A stunning collection of rose photos.

Rose Photos: Beautiful pictures of red, white, pink, and yellow roses.

Rose Information: Site from the Central Florida Rose Society with information all about roses and their care.

Free Roses Clipart: A site with free clipart pictures of roses.


Stephanotis Photos: A collection of pictures of the stephanotis plant.

Stephanotis Pictures: Several photos of beautiful stephanotis plants.

Fact Sheet: Growing Stephanotis: Site from Gardening Australia with tips on how to grow stephanotis plants.

Stephanotis Care Instructions: Site with information on the care of stephanotis plants.


Tulip Photo Gallery: Beautiful images of tulips from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival web site.

Tulip Gallery: Breathtaking photos of tulips on a farm.

Tulip Information: This page provides links to information on the care of tulips, including information on planting tulips, tips for growing tulips, and ways to protect them from animals.

About Tulips: This site has information on the history of tulips, how to plant and grow tulips, and info about different varieties of tulips.

Tulip Clipart Pictures & Photos: This page contains clipart pictures of tulips.