“Bubbly” Champagne Bubbles Wedding Favors

“Bubbly” Champagne Bubbles Wedding Favors

Code: Favors-KA21031NA

You’re sure to see smiles that spread as fast as the bubbles!

The beauty of a single bubble may be visible only for a few seconds before it evaporates, but while it’s present, there’s absolute magic in the air! Our enchanting “Bubbly” Champagne Bubbles wedding favors prove that bubbles come in all sizes and inspire all kinds of magic. We bring that magic to your wedding day in little individual bottles of fun.

Designed to look like miniature versions of the real “bubbly,” these clever little “Champagne Magnums” hold an ounce of bubble liquid and are ready to make any party just a little bit happier. Your family and friends will find their happy inner child as they give you a colorful bubbly send-off.

  • Green, mini champagne magnum of bubbles has a simple, screw-off cap
  • Tan bottle label on the neck says Celebrate! in gold letters, and the primary label has gold accents and says Bubbly Champagne Bubbles
  • Each bottle contains one ounce of bubbles
  • Bottle measures 3 3/4" h x 1 1/4" in diameter