Wedding Vows from the Heart

Wedding VowsAs a part of today’s wedding ceremony, traditional vows are often supplemented or even replaced with personal vows written by the bride and groom. The expression of what’s in a bride or groom’s heart comes easy for some, but for others, finding just the right words is like trying to wedge a bowling ball into a teacup. It’s seems to be an impossible task.

But there are ways to overcome that difficulty even for the most unimaginative. How? Let history help.

So many beautiful poems, songs and declarations of love have been written throughout history, and a bit of searching is almost certain to produce words that convey the very soul of what you wish to say. It is no less personal and no less special to search for already penned thoughts than it is to write those thoughts yourself. To hold it against someone for not writing a beautiful thought is to blame him or her for being the person he or she truly is. Some people simply can’t express themselves in the way they wish they could, but the love in their hearts is just as deep as it is for those who write with passionate flair.

As your wedding approaches and you begin to write those vows that are you and you alone, don’t feel hurt if your partner chooses a different path. For who is more in love – the one who writes beautiful, heartfelt vows in a matter of moments or the one who spends days searching for just the right combination of words that says everything he or she wishes to say? The truth is that neither is more in love than the other. Each is simply following his or her own unique path to the same end.

Personal wedding vows should be one thing—from the heart. But that doesn’t mean they have to be original. Whether it’s Shakespeare or Elvis who helps, those wedding vows will always be yours, forever.

Living Beauty - Flower and Garden Themed Weddings

Wedding Flowers Weddings are by nature occasions of beauty. Breathtaking gowns, glamorous make-up, intricate, frothy cakes and spectacular decorations all contribute to the sheer loveliness of the wedding day. Each component does its part to set a memorable scene for the wedding couple’s most important event, but there is one endeavor that transcends the ordinary and transforms the day into living art – the celebration of a floral theme.

It’s impossible to think of flowers without thinking “pretty”. There is no such thing as an ugly flower. One may please you more than another, but all flowers tickle the senses and evoke emotion. Choosing a favorite flower theme to weave throughout the wedding day results in a stunning visual masterpiece.

One of the most radiant presentations comes from the gentle cherry blossom. A perfect bloom that represents the circle of life and stands for heart and prosperity, the cherry blossom lends its magnificence to your wedding day in a way that will make your guests feel as if they’ve just walked into a fairytale. Fresh or silk cherry blossom decorations, elegant cherry blossom favors and frosted cherry blossoms blooming upon a tiered cake create a magical vision from which you’ll never want to look away.

Whether it’s cherry blossoms, tulips, roses or any other flower that speaks to you, adorning your ceremony and reception with a garden of blooms will insure a wedding day you will never forget. Keepsake favors and photos will bless the flowers with eternal life, and each time you look upon the mementos, you’ll find yourself so immersed in the memories that you’ll swear you can still smell their scent.

An inspired floral theme provides more than just great decorations and great favors. It turns a joyful wedding day into a portrait of living beauty.

A wonderful way to celebrate your floral theme is to give your guests beautiful garden and flower wedding favors. Cherry blossom coaster wedding favors are beautiful and useful for anyone’s home. A rose themed wedding might include our rose ball candle favors which your guests will love to light to remember your day. Daisy seeds cards favors are a special daisy themed favor your friends and family can plant and remember you when they walk by. Find wedding favors for any theme you choose at Creative Wedding Favors!

The Secret Pocket

The Secret Pocket Brides and grooms carry a lot more to the altar than just the bridal bouquet or the wedding rings. They take memories, hopes, dreams and wishes. And what better place for those emotionally charged sentiments to thrive than at the site of a new beginning?

There is so much to think about during the “I Do’s” that much can be forgotten. But brides and grooms don’t want to forget all that is in their hearts and minds.

When people are emotionally in trouble, one proven therapy method calls for writing down bad experiences and ceremonially burying, flushing or burning the writings as a way of banishing the bad feelings associated with them. It is very cathartic and allows a person to move on from a disagreeable experience in his or her life. But the same can be just as true in reverse. Wonderful feelings can be nurtured by writing them down.

Before your wedding day, write down everything that matters to you—the dreams you have for your future as a couple, a message to the children you will someday have, a remembrance of a lost loved one, or the fantasy wish you’ve always held closest to your heart. Then tuck this personal life blueprint into a secret pocket and carry it with you throughout your wedding day.

Every wedding gown and every suit or tuxedo has room for a tiny pocket that can hold your wishes and desires. But instead of banishing bad experiences, you will be giving future wonderful experiences the wings to fly. Holding your dreams close on such a pivotal moment in your life makes them real.

So go ahead. Have that small pocket discreetly sewn into the hem, the bodice, the waist or the lining of the gown. Have one tuxedo pocket selected to be “the one.” Then fill those secret pockets with whatever matters most. No one will know they are there but you. And that’s all that counts.