Creative Wedding Favors

Creative Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are your way of saying thank-you to your friends and family members for being a part of your wedding day. Hopefully, your favor will also be a something that your guests take home and treasure so that for years to come, they can look back and be reminded of their part in your special day.

The choices are endless, so relax. No matter what you choose, your guests are bound to appreciate your token of gratitude and appreciation for being with you to celebrate your wedding!

Flower and Garden Themed Weddings

garden themed wedding Weddings are by nature occasions of beauty. Breathtaking gowns, glamorous make-up, intricate, frothy cakes and spectacular decorations all contribute to the sheer loveliness of the wedding day. Each component does its part to set a memorable scene for the wedding couple’s most important event, but there is one endeavor that transcends the ordinary and transforms the day into living art – the celebration of a floral theme.

It’s impossible to think of flowers without thinking “pretty”. There is no such thing as an ugly flower. One may please you more than another, but all flowers tickle the senses and evoke emotion. Choosing a favorite flower theme to weave throughout the wedding day results in a stunning visual masterpiece.

One of the most radiant presentations comes from the gentle cherry blossom. A perfect bloom that represents the circle of life and stands for heart and prosperity, the cherry blossom lends its magnificence to your wedding day in a way that will make your guests feel as if they’ve just walked into a fairytale. Fresh or silk cherry blossom decorations, elegant cherry blossom favors and frosted cherry blossoms blooming upon a tiered cake create a magical vision from which you’ll never want to look away.

Whether it’s cherry blossoms, tulips, roses or any other flower that speaks to you, adorning your ceremony and reception with a garden of blooms will insure a wedding day you will never forget. Keepsake favors and photos will bless the flowers with eternal life, and each time you look upon the mementos, you’ll find yourself so immersed in the memories that you’ll swear you can still smell their scent.

An inspired floral theme provides more than just great decorations and great favors. It turns a joyful wedding day into a portrait of living beauty.

A wonderful way to celebrate your floral theme is to give your guests beautiful garden and flower wedding favors. Cherry blossom coaster wedding favors are beautiful and useful for anyone’s home. A rose themed wedding might include our rose ball candle favors which your guests will love to light to remember your day. Daisy seeds cards favors are a special daisy themed favor your friends and family can plant and remember you when they walk by. Find wedding favors for any theme you choose at Creative Wedding Favors!

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